Kurt Kendis--a consistently boring person

KKabidjanKKandFidoKKtomatomankkblackandwhiteKK and puppy Zeke

go ahead...guess the years associated with these snapshots!!!

Extraordinarily boring contents

Biographical Information

An Economist, specializing in the emerging markets and financial institutions, I can be found wandering the globe conducting consulting projects, research, and seminars--all very boring. I also provide investment advisory services to individuals and institutions interested in the emerging markets. From time to time I do very boring television and radio presentations as well. If you really want to know who I am, understand that my favorite thing to do is stay home--I am a small farmer who enjoys the out-of -doors, and growing things.If you want to be seriously bored, you can read my bio.

you can reach me through the following firms

The Banking Group
Managing Director, Banking and Financial Services, since 1986. T.B.G. provides consulting and management development services to companies all around the world. They specialize in the use of technology and e-learning for the delivery of knowledge-based content to experienced executives.Call 610 202 2455 and ask for Amy Carter for information or visit our main website at www.thebankinggroup.com

Our projects tend to be for senior executives, and reasonably complex. Our most recent work is in Vietnam and Brazil. 

Kimberton International Associates
Since 1984, this small investment advisory group has provided views on portfolio allocation in the emerging markets--particularly in Asia and Africa. Private placements, bridge financing, and aircraft leasing transactions are included in the project portfolio. K.I.A. is at Box 364 Kimberton, Pa 19442. 

Our projects tend to be exotic in currency and our views conservative .

Stimigo Farm

A small farm in Northern Chester County Pennsylvania specializing in vegetables, herbs, and the commercial growing of flowers. Wilson's Corner R.D.#2 Phoenixville,Pa 19460. . We actually have a small website with photos of some of the orchids. try Stimigo Farm Orchids Our latest projects are bamboo related, so if you know about growing bamboo...HELP!!!!

heirloom tomotoes squash

This is the Globalscape view of the Farm

 stimigofarmsign  stigo aerial2013

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Contact Information

Home Mailing Address
Stimigo Farm Wilson's Corner R.D.#2    Phoenixville, Pa     19460     USA
Electronic mail address     kurt@kurtkendis.com or kurt@thebankinggroup.com
Office phone     610-202-2455
Skype:  kkendis


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Current Projects--all just as boring as I am

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Personal Interests of a very boring person


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List of Boring Websites

(for  serious lists see our serious website:( www.thebankinggroup.com )

Everything you never wanted to know about economics.
the best for commentary
If you love Danes...


If you are interested in consistently boring commentary


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Bella and Lars  Willow and Mele

Lars and Bella Aug2004                                                                Willow and Mele

  JK and digs  Lars and Bella and  Jack

Our Summer 98 Project

We've been workin' on the railroad

KKswimAbidjanKK2006 KKwindsurf

Great American sports heros??????

Our New International Terra(1967)

our logo:

Our January OfficeMaui office  Three animals

                                                                                                                                                        Bella and Lars in charge

Bella 9 mosKK and Lars

Dorabella at 4.5 months                                                                                                Lars on lookout

Zeke picks his parents  Zeke picks his parents

 This is Dorabella at 4.5 months--                                                                    Lars on lookout........

 .Zeke and KKZeke and BellaZeke 2014

Zeke arrives in 2008..............................................................grows up (2011)....................................................the boss.....................2014

Jack  (June1952- Jan2014)  
Jkk iris queen JKKcorona   
slideshow at
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